Advent Devotional | December 18



December 18
Christ as Adonai (Lord of Israel)
Isaiah 11:4-5, 33:22




The O Antiphons are prayed before the Magnificat.

“My soul doth magnify the greatness of the Lord.”


That one verse of the Magnificat is like opening a bottle of pure joy!


But sometimes is this what we sound like, “My soul doth scrutinize the purchases of my neighbor, the Catholicity of my fellow parishioners or the festive sugar intake of my sister in law’s children as they scream through the house?”


Or, “My soul doth magnify my Facebook Likes, Twitter followers and Email Subscriptions?”


How about, “My soul doth magnify my big house, shiny car and 4G phone.”


Advent Devotional @Plain Grace


Lord, I will practice merciful charity–sometimes heroically, and each and every time, I will offer a word of thanksgiving to God the Father for His infinite mercy bestowed up on me.


Lord, I will strive for humility in all things–and each and every time I will offer a word of thanksgiving to God the Son for coming and dying for me.


Lord, I will strive to be a source of encouragement (or at least not a source of discouragement) to all those I meet, especially those in my own home–and each and every time I will offer a word of thanksgiving to God the Holy Spirit for His wonderful counsel.



Hi there, I’m Jenny. I’ve been married to Chris for 21 years and we have seven children–teen to toddler—who I homeschool. I am also the author of The Catholic Child’s Teaching Bible©. My life; It’s messy and beautiful and blessed beyond measure.
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  1. Really beautiful reminder. Sometimes I feel like a superhero (or a saint!) when I am “generous” to the needy (or even when I make the bed for my husband). So wise to remember my sacrifices are just paltry presents compared to what God has lavished on us!

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