St Martha…Pray for Us!



There are those days…those days when prayer is your only recourse and you wish someone would do it for you. You need to be lifted up in the hopes of getting just a little bit closer to God the Father. But you’re tired and weary and worn and beaten down. So you wish someone would come along and hold you up…’cause you can’t hold your self up any longer.


Let’s be that support for each other. Let’s set aside Tuesdays to pray for each other in community. Let’s run to the feet of Saint Martha, a woman who worked and worried in our Lord’s physical presence. Let’s recommend ourselves and our sisters in Christ to her. {Tuesdays have been traditionally set aside as a devotional day to St Martha.}


St Martha Novena


St Martha Novena Bookmark


If you have a specific prayer intention, or just need us to ‘set the timer’ and pray for you every hour, stop by on Tuesday and leave it in the comments. {This post will re-run each Tuesday morning as a reminder.}




  1. I ran across this post on Pinterest on just the right day. My husband and I have been trying to conceive our first child for 3 and a half years. To say its been a roller coaster would be a huge understatement. Lately my spiritual life has been suffering and this morning my prayers were nothing but tears as I don’t understand why I have to continue carrying this cross. Right now, all our options–conceiving without the use of artificial means and adoption– just seem like dead end streets. I’m not sure what God wants me to do and –to be frank– I’m tired of praying for myself and still not hearing the voice of God. So, please pray that this veil of sadness will pass and that God will reveal the path he wants us to take and that the path be filled with light after living in the darkness for so long. Thank you and God bless.

  2. Please pray for our youngest son – for healing in all forms; for my husband and me as we discern adjuvant cancer treatment for me; for my dearest friend Jane and Angela’s Mom – for healing and good health.
    Angela Pea recently posted..Minutes – December 16, 2013My Profile

  3. Please keep my husband in your prayers. He is under a great deal of work stress. I pray he can find ways to lead a more balanced life…and pray that I do all that I can at home to make his life easier. Thank you

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