Advent Devotional | December 5



December 5
Genesis 12:1-3




If we stop and think about it…everything we try to do and accomplish this time of year is to bless someone. To make our ordinary home extra homey, to make an ordinary gift, extra special and to make all that we do and say intentional. We are trying to do more and be better. And that’s the problem—we’re trying.


What would this Advent look like if we just allowed God to make us the blessing He wants us to be?


If we begin to let things go and became restful instead of rushed…calm rather than chaotic. Would that restful calm produce more grins and maybe even giggles instead of grimaces and groans?


Maybe He does not want us to bless others with a frantic cookie baking blitz.  Maybe he wants us to share a cup of something hot spur of the moment with our lonely neighbor.  Maybe He wants us to call the new momma as we head to the store to see if she needs a little pick me up sweet treat.


And maybe God would prefer the spread of Christmas cheer to begin in our own homes and not saved for only those outside our home. «Click Here to Tweet This»


And if we stop and are truly present to our family and friends…I mean “look ‘em in the eye” present…wouldn’t that be the best present we could give them?


God made Abraham a great blessing to all nations.  Not because Abraham did anything really spectacular…or did he?


Do you think obedience can be spectacular?  Maybe spectacular is not the right word.  How about”‘Heroic?”  I think of heroic in term of deeds and then the twists and turns of my mind leads to a natural synonym–spectacular.  So heroic deeds or spectacular deeds…


How about welcoming a baby at the age of 100 like Abraham?  That seems pretty spectacular…spectacularly heroic I would say.  How about welcoming a baby in this day and age…spectacularly heroic?  You betcha!  How about welcoming a baby with extra special needs…or welcoming your 5th…spectacularly heroic?  Check and double check!


How about living an active, vibrant Catholic faith…spectacularly heroic?  How about living an active, vibrant, charitable Catholic life on aisle seven in Wal Mart the week before Christmas…spectacularly heroic?  You know it!


I know we strive for humble lives, imitating Blessed Mother Mary but what a day changer if we woke up tomorrow morning and said, “I am a spectacularly heroic child of God!”  Wouldn’t you feel like you could do anything?  Wouldn’t that make us extra attentive to God, just waiting for the chance to be used by Him as a blessing to someone else?  To be someone’s “Super Hero.”


I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
†Philippians 4:13



This Advent, let’s keep things in their proper order:

Advent before Christmas

Preparation before celebration



Let’s live spectacularly heroic lives by listening for God and then doing what He says.


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Get ready.  He’s coming!



Welcome! I’m Jenny, the administrator of Suscipio and author of The Catholic Child’s Teaching Bible©. I have been married to Chris 21 years, strictly by the grace of God. We have seven precious souls from teen to baby. My life; It’s messy and beautiful and blessed beyond measure. I also sporadically blog at Big Family Small Farm and The Littlest Way



  1. Indeed! We are all heroic. It is not easy to be a Catholic in terms of worldly pressures. It’s not easy to stand up for what is right… but we do and we are better for it.
    It is not easy to be in WalMart ever, much less the week before Christmas.

    Love this post.
    I am heroic.
    sigh… YAY ME


  2. Michelle

    Thank you Jenny. These posts have been very helpful. God has opened my eyes toward my husband more and more. He is a spectacular hero for, after not wanting to have children, giving me (us) 6 more in addition to the 2 I already had!

    After reading the scripture passage above, I became very excited and told him I had a new nickname for him. Abraham!! He smiled.

    Also, how hard it is for me to, “I mean “look ‘em in the eye” present.” But today, that is my goal. Please pray for me.

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