Advent Devotional | December 4



December 4
Genesis 6:5-8, 13-22; 7:17, 23-24; 8:1, 6-22




My thoughts can sure run wild this time of year trying to recreate the picture perfect scenes that fill my Pinterest boards, um…head. I want the outside of my home to look all dreamy Christmasy and the inside to smell all Christmasy and then I will find favor as having  a lovely Christmas home.


Noah was a righteous, blameless man who walked with God and he found favor in the eyes of the Lord. (Genesis 6:9)


Noah did all God commanded him. He based his life on the commands of God.  Noah did not base his life on the Norman Rockwell ideal of the perfect Christmas.  He did not base his life on recreating the Christmas scene Mrs. Noah had recently Pinned.  He did not base his life on how many kilowatts of electricity his Christmas lawn display could pull.  And he certainly did not base his life on sleeping in a tent outside a store to get the ‘best deal’ of the season.


Noah lived in a wooden boat he built in his 500′s; not a ‘Winter Wonderland’.  He lived with his wife, three sons and their wives, and a bunch of animals paired by twos, and I’m pretty sure he was up to his eyeballs in something other than potpourri and glitter. And the Scriptures tell us his little home on earth, “…rose higher above the earth.”


I do not know about you, but I would love to feel like I was rising higher and not carrying around this sinking feeling.  How many times can the hustle and bustle make us feel like we are drowning?


There are many things that can make us feel like we are drowning: debt, comparison, stress, fatigue.  Not only do we live over our head, we may feel like we are running around like a chicken with its head cut off.


Let’s keep ourselves above all that this year, shall we. Let’s wait for the Lord like Noah.  Noah waited until he had a clear sign from God that it was time. Maybe our sign comes from our husband telling us the checkbook can’t stretch any farther. Maybe our sign comes from the cranky toddler begging us to sit down and read a story. Maybe our sign comes from the pounding headache and clenched heart; physical signs telling us to sloooowwww dooowwwnnnnn.


And did you catch mention of the first thing Noah did after the rain passed and the waters receded? He built an altar to God and offered a sacrifice that the Lord found as a “pleasing aroma.”  I want to be a pleasing aroma, how about you?



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First things first my sisters…First things first.



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  1. Thank you for this reminder. There is usually so much going on that I get to the the end of my day and try to remember if I read the baby and toddlers a book or if I listened to my teens. Stop and listen. Sound like my new plan for Advent. Thanks.

  2. Oh so true….not Norman Rockwell ….or Pinterest…just the direction that God leads! Merry Christmas!

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