Advent Devotional | December 3




December 3
Fall of Man
Genesis 3:1-7, 23-24



And then there is Adam and Eve and the fall and all we can say is…Thank you ‘O happy fault of Adam.’ Were it not for Adam and Eve, we would not know Jesus true God and Man. Original sin came into the world through one woman’s ‘yes’ and now the Savior of the world comes in through another woman’s ‘yes.’


Let’s say ‘Yes’ after we take a minute (at least) to think about our answer.  Eve said ‘Yes’ to the forbidden fruit out of pride.  Mary said ‘Yes’ to God out of humility.  BIG difference.  Eve made her own plan.  Mary obeyed God’s plan.  So let’s take a minute to ask ourselves, “Will my ‘Yes’ bring me in closer friendship with God?”  ”Am I doing this to serve God or myself?”


How often this time of year will our plans change? From something as small as the parking spot we had our eye on being taken to something as unexpected as a last minute tummy bug, or an over cooked turkey. Mary’s plans changed and she said, “Let it be done unto me.” Our plans change and we grumble, “Are you kidding me!  Why me?” «Click Here to Tweet This»


It says in the Scriptures, the snake tempted Eve by telling her her eyes would be opened and she would be like God, knowing the difference between good and evil.  Eve’s eyes were opened after she ate of the tempting fruit. Let’s live this Advent with the eyes of our heart opened before we fall. Let’s see things for what they really are and use a view of eternity as our filter.


Let’s not over spend, over eat, over do–and fall into the lie that more is better. Eve knew snakes didn’t talk and we know ‘over doing it’ does not bring us lasting joy.


Don’t miss God’s divine presence trying to fill a void with more presents. «Tweet This»


Let’s not forfeit paradise for something that delights the eye and promises us more than we already are.  Eve would tell you, “Been there, done that.”


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Let’s take time this Advent to prepare our heart for the Baby Jesus. He’s coming and He wants to rest within us. Not the frazzled, frantic, harried and hurried us…there’s no room for Him there. He wants to rest in the part of us created in His image and likeness.



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  1. Oh…these really make me think. I really try to stick to a budget and not over do it. But then all this other stuff seems to pop up: OT visits, new vacuum, doctors visits, hosting Christmas dinner, gas for a trip upstate…then after Christmas…BAM!…the budget goes out the window.

    I did get done early this year with the exception of a few last minute gifts. I hope to have time to *listen* as Christmas approaches and not get so caught up in the worrying.

    Bless you today~
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