Moments of Grace

Hellloooo Friday!

Good Morning Ladies.



Looking back, how has your week been? Found those Moments of Grace tucked into the everyday yet? If not, keep looking! If so, look for more!


 photo 20130711_8234.jpg

 photo 20130711_8228copy.jpg

 photo 20130711_8231copy.jpg

 photo 20130711_8224copy.jpg

 photo 20130710_8243.jpg

 photo 20130710_8238.jpg

 photo 20130710_8254.jpg

 photo 20130710_8244.jpg

 photo 20130710_8240.jpg

We’ve been busy around here. This week we have:

::picked $101 dollars worth of berries at 7:30 am before it got 105°
::made 6 pints of Dill pickles (but forgot to add the dill)
::made 6 pints of Bread and Butter pickles
::made 5 pints of Cucumber Relish with a little jalapeno for some kick
::made 3 pints of Blackberry jelly
::called my local Extension Office with questions…lots of questions
::cleaned out a deep freeze that was left cracked open over night
::cleaned out a garage that had deep freeze juice all over
::made an amazing Blackberry Cobbler
::Leo just got stung by a wasp trying to get out the back door



And here’s a peek at what has not gotten done this week. It’s all a trade off my friends. And it’s all grace.


 photo Grace.jpg
Have a great weekend!


Join us! Link up or leave in the comments moments of grace from your week. Pictures, stories, gratitude lists, what ever you have, we would love to see God moving and working through your life.



Welcome! I’m Jenny, the administrator of Suscipio and author of The Catholic Child’s Teaching Bible©. I have been married to Chris 20 years, strictly by the grace of God. We have seven precious souls from teen to baby. I hope my personal contribution to Suscipio shows what my life really looks like; It’s messy and beautiful and blessed beyond measure.







  1. I’ve been procrastinating about making my plum jam; this is just the motivation I need. Your pickles look delicious!
    Sorry about your Leo and the wasp. :(
    Have a blessed day!

  2. How fun! And those beautiful faces – love the pictures!
    LuAnne recently graceMy Profile

  3. Berry Face!!
    Angela Pea recently posted..Friday’s Letters – July 12My Profile

  4. I will go for the berries and the pickles and the relish on any day. ‘Hope the little darling is feeling better…

  5. Love your blog.
    Poor Leo.

    I love a good canning day!
    And I’d say – the trade off was good… VERY good.
    Emily D recently posted..Catholic Women’s AlmanacMy Profile

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