Suscipio PSA #10 – End the Procrastination!

Public Service Announcement

Disclaimer of the Day: I am the Queen of Procrastination.

Right this minute, I have two (TWO!) pairs of pants that need to be hemmed that have been draped over the sewing machine since before Christmas. I also have a baby blanket on knitting needles that has been there for more than a year.  I put off scheduling my annual checkup so much that it’s now in April instead of my birthday month, September. I usually file my taxes on April 15, 11:55 pm. Thank goodness for electronic filing!

My point today is to remind us that we cannot procrastinate with our physical health. Time is NOT kind, and is not on our side. We have to do today, this minute, what needs to be done to keep our bodies strong and healthy, which in turn enables us to care for our families.  That means putting down the fork, lacing up the shoes and going for a walk. That means getting outside with our kids and playing in the fresh air.   That means putting healthy, whole food on the table for our families.  That means making choices in every moment that will help us get to the healthy we need to be, the healthy that acknowledges bodies created in God’s image, with all the reverence due to such sanctity.

  I’m going to hem those pants tonight.

Keep the Faith.


Next Time: Perception


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  1. Michelle

    The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak!! I pray for fortitude. Isn’t that the one we need for this?

    My daughter and I have begun. I can’t believe how slow I am in this wisdom. Thank you for sharing yours.
    God Bless, Michelle

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