Feast of St Valentine and a Give Away

Good Morning Sisters!  Happy Saint Valentine’s Day to you and yours.  Just a short and simple post today.  I had one terrific headache yesterday so the house was very well managed by my older girls, but today, it needs me.  So do our 10 new laying chickens…busy, busy, busy.



I am always dumbfounded by the declarations of love proclaimed and demonstrated on this day. Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way a scrooge or unromantic, but if you are putting all your romantic dreams in the heart shaped tin of chocolate candy or the small jewelry box, you are going to lead a very unhappy life constantly looking for more love than can fit into a box.  Those boxes can only hold so much.  And you were made for so much more love.


And speaking of looking for love, remember the song “Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places,” well, I’m pretty sure it should be the anthem of aisle 2 in the grocery store.  No one–and in this case I mean…no one–is going to “find love” on this day.  It was there yesterday, February 13th, or it wasn’t.  And if it did just magically appear today…be afraid, be very afraid.


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Yesterday, Chris rushed around trying to load up his trailer and tools so we could go look at a dinning room table we found on Craigslist.  That’s love.  Of course seconds before we walked out the door, trailer loaded with blankets and van loaded with kids, we got the message the table was gone…Hmh!  You know what love did?  Backed the van into the barn and unloaded the trailer and his tools.


The day before, love spent the evening working on the van in the cold barn while it rained.  I appreciate that much more than a box of chocolates.  Which he did buy (we exchanged chocolate on February 13th), but if I based my opinion of his love for me on a box of chocolates, what happens February 15th…when the chocolate is gone? (What, chocolate lasts longer than a day in your house?)


If love were based on the events that happen, or don’t happen on February 14th, it will be a fleeting and most likely disappointing love.


What about love that gets up at night and runs to the pharmacy to get a prescription? How about love that thanks us for making dinner…even though it was a new recipe that was as flop.  Or love that picks up his socks…maybe not everyday, but at least every once in while.  Love that let’s us pick out the movie or the flavor ice cream at the store. Love that builds garden beds and fixes cars and plunges the toilet. How about love that spends holidays with in-laws or birthday parties with the joyful screechings of two-year-olds.


Just like looking for God’s gifts in the ordinary, look for love in the common.  You will find so much more love in the day to day sacrifices you make for each other, than any box of chocolate can hold.  Guaranteed.  But sometimes you have to look.


Today, in honor of St Valentine, I am going to giveaway two books.  The first is For Women Only: What You Need to Know about the Inner Lives of Men and the Second is The Power of a Praying Wife.


Just leave a comment telling us a really ordinary way someone showed you love. I mean it, we want to hear the unsung declarations of love! Whether it’s your mom, husband, brother, co-worker, anyone…Make this comment box the Olympic stand for common, ordinary love.


Winner drawn randomly and announced Monday in the Catholic Woman’s Almanac post.



Welcome! I’m Jenny, the administrator of Suscipio and author of The Catholic Child’s Teaching Bible©. I have been married to Chris 20 years, strictly by the grace of God. We have seven precious souls from teen to baby. I hope my personal contribution to Suscipio shows what my life really looks like; It’s messy and beautiful and blessed beyond measure. I can also be found at Big Family Small Farm.





  1. I told my Lord that I loved Him…that I was His…
    all of me…
    that I my heart belongs only to Him.

    Stella recently posted..Our Lady of Sorrows Rosary Chaplet Seven 7 Sorrows Mater Dolorosa by VirgoPotensRosariesMy Profile

  2. Love is: doing the grocery shopping for me on a Saturday afternoon at Walmart because I’ve been sick since Wed. That says more to me than a box of chocolates any day because Walmart on a Saturday afternoon is a scary place to be :)
    Laura recently posted..Happy St. Valentine’s DayMy Profile

  3. My husband shows me love by letting me cry when I’ve had a really bad day with the kids and then telling me to get in the car and just DRIVE and do whatever I need to do to get my heart back in the right place.

    He never complains when I wake him in the middle of the night for a need I can’t get myself due to a nursing child.

    Cooking when I’m sick or pregnant or just can’t seem to get it together. And he does it without complaining.

    Loving our kids and saying “yes” to all of their requests for games and snuggles.

    I’ll stop there. :-)

  4. ordinary love – rising together every morning
    -declaring bedrest for me during pregnancy so i can get the extra rest while he tends to ALL the household duties, finances, and child related matters
    -calls regularly throughout the day to say hello and proclaim his love
    -offers me the morsel of his favorite meal (which means a great deal when I’m preg)
    -joyfully responds to my late night requests (which usually entail him having to go downstairs)
    -blesses me and the children upon rising, before leaving the home, and going to bed

  5. -My husband will do my undone housework chores while I go to the store (and watch the kids) and make it look easy.
    -He almost always has a smile and sweet words for me after a hard day at work.
    -And this is one my mother in law did: we were at a hotel and I realized I had forgotten my toothbrush. She went to the store and bought me not just one to get by but the best toothbrush I’ve ever owned!

  6. I just want all you lovely ladies to realize that you are incredibly blessed to have husbands who do these things for you. Mine is very loving, but he’s pretty much disabled and doesn’t seem to want to get better. He feeds the dogs and occasionally lets them in and out. That’s about all he contributes to the household. Don’t get me wrong—it isn’t like he’s a paraplegic or losing his mind or anything. He’s just in pain all the time, so it hurts him to move. It’s a big contrast to the way he was when we were married, 33 years ago!

    (This doesn’t contribute to the discussion the way we were told to, so don’t include it in the drawing, please.)

  7. Rebecca Witt

    My husband makes me coffee before leaving at 5:40 every friday morning for his men’s group at church, he takes our newborn son many nights after he’s fed to give me a couple hours of sleep without any interruptions, eats 2 helpings of dinner (even when he doesn’t love it) to be a good example to our older children, starting our van when it’s cold so we have a warm car…and many, many little ordinary acts of love. Thank you for encouraging me to ponder and be thankful for these ordinary gifts.

  8. Oh how I love this!

    I have known my husband for twenty years now {13 married} and he is all about the doing the simple things to make my life better. There are many times that I need to remind myself to look at what he has done, for God’s gifts in the ordinary since I am so accustomed to what he does on a regular basis!

    In the past thirteen years I have never had to get gas in my car more than three times.
    He always puts his family first no matter what. On most days he runs on empty running the kids to and fro numerous sports practices, church school and the like and often does not eat dinner until after 8pm!
    He sacrifices when it comes to buying things for himself so that the kids can have new clothes and shoes and never fusses about it.
    He is the Pied Piper in our neighborhood and all of the kids flock to him because he is a BIG kid himself. All summer long you can find him outside at night playing with our kids and all of the neighborhood kids and he gets upset if he is too busy at times and has to miss it once in a while.
    BUT…the *best* reason of all and I always tease him about this and tell him this is why I married him is that he always has a tissue!

    Now that is love! My family is truly blessed to have him!!

    I have been looking at The Power of a Praying Wife and would love the chance to win it!

    Thanks Jenny :-)
    Ann-Marie recently posted..Love Is…My Profile

  9. *Putting gas in my car for me.
    *Scraping the frost off the windshield if my car happens to be the last one home and gets left out in the cold. This happens occasionally when the girls are at home at the same time with their cars.
    *Getting up in the middle of the night to check on whatever it is making the dogs go ballistic
    *Chasing the raccoons off the porch so the dogs will quit barking and go back to sleep.
    *building a special shed just for all our bicycles and racing gear.
    *doing the dishes. Ahhhh…that’s my favorite. Mr. Pea can’t cook at all, but he’s a fabulous dish washer.

    I agree with Samatha – it’s always nice to get chocolate, for any reason at all!
    Angela Pea recently posted..Sweet Shot Tuesday – February 12My Profile

  10. Love: when my 20 month old grand baby touched my face, like she was studying my very soul, and looked into my eyes. Her smile said at that very moment, ‘I love you Grammi.’ She looked at me as though I was the most beautiful thing in her world at that very moment. Love.
    kellie recently posted..‘I love you’My Profile

  11. I remember holding my great-uncle’s hand as he cried in the middle of the night because he was so confused and scared of what would happen the next day. Love was watching Bonanza, Daniel Boone, and NCIS while he told stories of his childhood.

    Love is letting my husband vent as much as he can about his life in the Navy. Fixing those little lunches for his day, watching him leave for work. Those little dances in the kitchen and folding his clothes the “Navy” way.

    Love is calling my great-grandmother in the morning when you know she misses you. Love was the random hugs I would give her when I lived with her.

    That is what I consider my ordinary ways of showing how much I love.
    Nikita recently posted..Catholic Woman’s Almanac Vol. 2 Issue 14My Profile

  12. Love is my future husband’s bringing his breviary to our first date and suggesting we pray Evening Prayer together. And continuing to suggest it almost every night since we got married–even when I’m tired or preoccupied and feel like skipping prayer.
    Connie Rossini recently posted..Read my book reviews at Catholicfiction.net and elswhereMy Profile

  13. Hmmm…

    ::love that picks up oldest daughter from work at night after being up since 4 am for his job
    ::love that cooks when I can’t seem to get it together
    ::love that makes special desserts for all the family gatherings
    ::love that works at a mediocre job so he can support us and provide health insurance

    Blessed day to everyone…
    Theresa recently posted..Inspiration::Thomas MertonMy Profile

  14. You have one great husband, I have one too. When I think of God’s grace I hardly need to look further than the man I married.

    He helps me beyond what I could ever imagine, I have proof of this when I broke my leg. The best part is that it doesn’t end.

    Now I would love out do him and show him more generosity than I do, prayer too. :)

    You know, this would be a good series to do! Ideas or challenges on how we can all do little things for our husbands.

    God bless!

  15. Ordinary love: from my husband

    -A note that said, “tonight we can watch a rom-com and cuddle up”
    -picking up our daughter after working a full week plus a day on a bus in the freezing to meet my ex husband to take my daughter back to her mama.
    -doing the dishes after work for me when a teething baby was screaming
    -a shoulder rub when i had a rough day of tests and docs appoints.

    i could go on…lol…but i will stop there.

    Happy Saint Valentines Day. Love should be every day. (but yes it is nice to get chocolate.)


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