Moments of Grace


St Therese said it best


“Everything is Grace”




Everything is grace…there is not one thing in this life that is not His grace.


Everything is grace…you are because He loves you.
Synonyms of “is”–exist, abide, act, be alive, breathe, continue, do, endure, go on, have being, have place, hold, inhabit, last, live, move, obtain, persist, prevail, remain, rest, stand, stay, subsist, survive…Because of God the Father’s love for you.

You exist…because of His grace.
You abide…because of His grace.
You act…because of His grace.
You breathe…because of His grace.
You continue…because of His grace. (Oh come on now!)
You do…because of His grace.
You endure…because of His grace. (MmmHmm)
You go on…because of His grace.
You last…because of His grace.
You live…because of His grace.
You move…because of His grace.
You obtain…because of His grace. (Yes!)
You persist…because of His grace. (Keep on girl!)
You prevail…because of His grace. (Who needed to hear that with me?)
You remain…because of His grace.
You rest…because of His grace. (I know I needed to hear that one too.)
You stand…because of His grace.
You stay…because of His grace.
You survive…because of His grace.


Go back through those, slowly, maybe more than once. Let the reality of God’s grace sink deep into you my dear sisters.


Everything is grace


In its widest meaning, the term signifies any gratuitous gift of God to a rational creature, the bestowal of which is motivated by divine benevolence, whether the gift be natural or supernatural, internal or external to the recipient. In its strict and ordinary sense, however, grace is a supernatural gift of God’s beneficence, gratuitously bestowed upon a rational creature (angel or man), for the ultimate purpose of fitting the recipient for life eternal.

All grace comes indeed from God, but since the fall every grace bestowed upon human beings is based on the merits of Christ. Before the fall Adam received grace directly from God, without reference to the Saviour of mankind; and so did the angels whilst they were oh probation. But now we, the children of the fallen Adam, receive grace only through Christ Our Lord. Grace is so necessary that without it we cannot do anything for life eternal. Hence the words of Christ: “Without me you can do nothing” (John 15).
New Catholic Dictionary



So what were you’re moments of grace this week?


At first glance were you handed, what you thought might be a bunch of weeds, but in reality…was God’s grace?


Share in the comments or link up my friends.


Let’s celebrate the here and now life He gives to prepare for the eternal life He gives.


  1. This post was such a blessing today! I’ve found grace in kids who make me laugh (hard!), a husband who put in 50+ hours at work this week to provide for us, plenty of food (and dirty dishes), plenty of clothing (and laundry, ahem), and hearing God’s voice through my spiritual reading this week! God is good. Blessings to all of you! I don’t comment often but I had to speak up today! :-)

  2. Oh, I stand today, because of His grace. Praise the Lord!
    Tina recently posted..It’s All MentalMy Profile

  3. Love this. Also love the image! So pretty. Wish I knew how to do that.
    Emily recently posted..Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 21My Profile

  4. Thanks, Jenny, for this uplifting and gracefilled post! I needed it!

  5. Samantha

    I stopped writing my graces and I don’t know why…I am going to make an effort and link up this morning. I really don’t know why I stopped. Nevermind going back and reading….I am printing. Putting it in front of me. Graces that are there ALWAYS from our Lord. lol….Jenny you are so cute. The side comments….I was like, “I’m with you sista!” ;) This site and community of women? GRACE.


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